One of the most important decisions to make after choosing to get married is who to invite to your wedding. This is a really sensitive topic amongst certain couples as there are expectations from outside sources.

First of all, consider who is paying for the wedding. If there is parental monetary input involved, you might have to invite a few of your parents’ friends to keep them happy. Even so, keep it down to just a few of the close family friends and relatives. Think about if they would add a positive atmosphere to the wedding and if they would make it more fun. It is your special day after all!

Secondly, you only want to invite people who you keep in contact with on a regular basis. That includes friends, colleagues and family members. Don’t feel bullied into inviting anyone, especially if they don’t personally know your spouse-to-be and you don’t spend time with them outside of work.

Essentially, nobody should be made to feel awful about leaving anybody off of their wedding guest list. If you can imagine your wedding day without that person, seriously consider whether you should be inviting them or not.

Happy planning!

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