Let’s face it, weddings don’t exactly love our bank balance and so for that reason we’re diving into simple wedding ideas for weddings.

Pulling off a simple wedding with these minimalistic wedding ideas, will be easy and beautiful at the same time, so don’t worry and think it might look obvious that you had your budget in mind…It won’t!

Let’s start off with;

Simple Wedding Colour Palette

It is quite obvious that the more colours you combine for your wedding the more expensive thing start to get. Keep it to a simple wedding, that’s the whole idea, right? Keep your colour palette to two colours or even go monotone. Ever heard the saying “less is more”? Keeping your colour palette minimalistic would add additional emphasis on you and your partner.

simple wedding palette

Simple Wedding Stationery

Keep it simple and have all the “need to know” info on your printed invites. Skip over the shiny finishes and gold and silver writing and opt in for neutral colours or black and white stationery. Choose simplistic typography and paper types. After all, your wedding day isn’t about the fancy invitation card.

simple wedding stationery

The Wedding Attire

You can either choose to go for a look not too overboard or fancy but yet remain elegant with little to no embellishment and choosing fabrics that will not burn a hole in your pocket. On a side note did you know simplistic wedding dresses are trending right now?

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Simple Wedding Décor

When choosing your wedding venue, look for a venue that will compliment minimal décor, a venue that is already so beautiful that you don’t need to add too much décor in order for it to look like a wedding. Use your surroundings as your décor or style/theme for the wedding. Most wedding venues lately go for rustic/ garden looks and require very little décor add-ons to them.

The Wedding Bouquet For A Simplistic Wedding

Minimalistic wedding bouquets compliment the wedding dress in a very subtle way and also love your budget. When choosing your flowers, ask the florists for in-season flowers, because in season also lower the price of the bouquet.

The list could go on forever… But making a list of the various items that you could cut down on could assist you with additional research to save a few rands and extend that to your honeymoon or a special date or getaway you’re planning for in the future.

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