Choosing the perfect flowers and decor is one of the more fun and exciting tasks when planning your ultimate wedding.

A good start is meeting with a florist to find out what your options are. A florist worth their weight in blooms should be able to tell you what the different kinds of bouquets and arrangements there are to suit your style for the day, what flowers are in season and easily available, and what your options are for floral decor to complement your venue and theme.

Because the flowers and decor form such a big part of your wedding budget, take photos and pictures of floral inspiration along to your meeting with the florist. You want to make sure you and your florist are a great fit and that they have your same ideas in mind. You want to make sure they get the right idea of the look and feel you are going for.

Do some research before the time so you are aware of popular flowers and decor choices for weddings. You might also want to find out the colours your favourite blooms are available in and if they will be easily obtained for your planned wedding date.

If normal bouquets and arrangements aren’t really your thing, you might want to consider some alternatives. They are completely on trend in the wedding scene at the moment, especially if you are planning a more rustic themed wedding. Think of succulent or herbs in pretty pots for your guests to take home as wedding favours afterwards, or paper flowers made from recycled books and paper to add some creative flair. The list of alternatives is quite long once you’ve decided that traditional flowers and decor might not be the thing for you.

Whatever flower and decor you choose, your ultimate wedding ties all of your design factors together. Choose your florist and go wild!

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