When the big day arrives, you tend to get caught up in the moment of what’s happening around you, so much so, that you forget about small things that could potentially be really important to you after your wedding day, making you wish that you did a few things differently…

Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered in 8 unusual things most brides and grooms forget about on their wedding day!

Ever picked up on some brides who look awkward walking down the aisle with their bouquet of flowers and still having to hold onto a family member or friend, walking them in? Yep, this leads us to our first point.

What to do with your arms on your wedding day

Instead of leaning towards whoever is walking you down the aisle or depending on one hand to keep up your heavy bouquet (yes, eventually it does get a little heavy. Unless you opt in for a small bouquet), use both hands to carry the bouquet and let the person walking you down the aisle intertwine their arm with yours. Not only will the photos of you walking down the aisle be beautiful with your kept pose, but it will definitely avoid that “wish someone told me I look awkward” moments that pop up when the photo’s arrive.

Where to put your engagement ring

This is the question so many brides ask. “Do I wear it?”; “Do I leave it in a safe place and retrieve it after the ceremony?” There’s actually a simple solution, you probably didn’t even think of this…

Since the engagement ring comes on second, after the wedding band, you can simply pop your engagement ring onto your opposite hand, allowing for an open hand for photo’s when the wedding band is finally placed around your finger. After the ceremony, simply slide the engagement ring onto your wedding finger… sorted!

The “Golden Hour” on your wedding day

The Golden hour is the term used by the photographers as the last hour of sun before it has completely set. When arranging your wedding ceremony time, keep in mind the golden hour. Some brides have to deal with rude interruptions from photographers to catch the best photos at sunset.

The Receiving line after the ceremony

Will you be meeting and chatting to guests straight after the ceremony? Or will you get in the getaway car straight after to catch the guests only at reception? This small event can cost you quite a bit of time if not prepared.

Bring comfortable shoes for your wedding day

Most of the time, your wedding shoes will be brand new and uncomfortable after a few hours. So bring some comfortable shoes for the dancing to follow, or even for walking around between the guests at the reception.

Get food to go

Brides & grooms very seldom get the chance to eat the food that they have specifically chosen for their wedding day, because they’ll be socializing with guests and when the adrenaline levels are high, sitting down and eating will be the last thing on your mind.

So remember to get some food as a take away, for later…when you eventually realize that you haven’t eaten yet!

Get a designated “life-saver”

As you’ll be the VIP’s for the night, everyone will want to congratulate you and spend some time with you. Eventually long talks will become awkward and you will be filled with anxiety because you know there are many other guests to attend to and of course you want some alone time with your newlywed partner. Appoint a person to save you during these talks, if they see it is carrying on to long, letting them cut in and allow you to speak to others too.

Give your parents some attention

Don’t forget to take a moment to spend some time with your parents on your wedding day. It’ll be an emotional day for them as well. Thank them for everything that they’ve done for you. Many couples forget this crucial part and their parents end up sitting on the side line watching everything happening.

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