A Wedding favour might be last on your wedding planning to-do list, but it is a small part of your wedding that will add the final “awwww” element to your big day! Since guests will be giving said gifts or monies, it’s a good idea to have them leave the wedding at the end of the day with a cute “Thank you” wedding favour.

Depending on your wedding theme and the type of people you and your spouse are, you can customise these wedding favours to match your wedding day or a personality trait, you or your love might have. Personally I find that when you’re very much in love, adding the odd cheesy saying, creates great laughter. Even if you decide to play with puns or create double meanings of words, your guests will love having it incorporated into the wedding favours that they receive on your wedding day.

Here’s a look at a few ideas to help you plan or decide on the perfect wedding favours for your guests.

Custom cheese board wedding favour

While mini slate cheese boards are slowly becoming more popular by the wedding, it can be beautifully customised as you wish. Personalise each board with your guest’s name and place it at their seat. Otherwise you can add the initials of you and your partner on the board with the wedding date, so that this wedding favour will always remind your guest of your big day.

You can also create wooden cheeseboards and have them engraved, to create a rustic feel. Or for a little more expensive approach, you can get glass cheese boards personalised.

Mini cacti or succulent potted plants – a popular wedding favour

Mini succulent plants are probably one of the most loved wedding favours in South Africa, probably because they are easy to grow in a new little pot, don’t need much attention to grow and anything mini is loved by all guests!

Some nurseries sell mini cacti’s and succulents in very small sizes, already in cute pots which you can keep them in to eliminate additional work for yourself of re-potting. Also keep in mind to not buy them too far in advance for the wedding, because some succulents grow really quickly and will outgrow their mini form.

Leather clutches or tiny bags

If you’re having a rustic wedding feel then a small leather pouch wedding favour is a big yes! Leather has that authenticity feeling to it, but not just that…who doesn’t love a clutch or mini bag to keep stuff in? Engrave your initials or your guest’s name onto the bag for an additional “thank you” touch.

Personalised wine or olive oil bottles

Guests love items that they can use at home, so why not personalise a wine bottle with your wedding details and the year of your wedding on? If your guests love aged wine, they will keep it for a few years and then open it when they feel it’s time.

You can also personalise an olive oil bottle in the same way if you choose to, with a beautifully creative label sticker.

Incorporate paper bags as a wedding favour

In the age of bio-degradable packaging, having paper bags as take-home gifts, filled with yummies, creates a very earthy wedding vibe. You can add a custom message on the front of the bag and fill it with popcorn as either a snack before the food comes out, or guests can take it home for a snack later…

Or you can add a sweet station where guests can take their bag and fill it with sweets to take home. You can even place your paper bag in your guests’ plates with a freshly baked mini loaf or bun, which they can enjoy if they are hungry, while waiting on the food to arrive.

There is really so much you can do to thank your guests for coming to the wedding, but remember to keep it small and personal. It’ll make a huge impact on your guests, instead of going for expansive wedding favours that don’t add that personal touch…

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