Modern wedding dress twists can help you achieve that unique wedding feature that you’ve secretly searched for on Pinterest! Yeah…i see you! Wanting to make your wedding day as unique and personal to your relationship as you can is always a good idea. Not only will it add character but it will give your guests a glimpse into who you are as a couple. While there are many ways in which you can add a unique wedding feature, we’ll be starting off by focusing on modern wedding dress twists that you can consider…

Let’s start with the obvious twist;

A modern wedding dress colour twist

We all know the traditional wedding dress colour is white, but don’t feel like it’s a must! Adding a colour twist to your modern wedding dress is sure to wow your guests. You can go for a subtle colour twist like a cream, off white or even light “baby pastel” colours. Unless you feel adventurous to go for bright wedding dress colours, go for it! Nothing makes a wedding more beautiful than seeing the couple express their personalities in different ways on the wedding day. Believe it or not, but the 2020 modern wedding dress trends have predicted that black wedding dresses will be the norm. What’s your thought on that?

Your wedding is a celebration of your love, definitely not a celebration of what you wear, so if you’re going for the black wedding dress, do share your day with us and we’d love to do a post on how you’ve managed to pull it off!

off white wedding dress black wedding dress

Ombre wedding dress

Now that we’ve covered the full colour wedding dress twist, why not consider an ombre wedding dress twist? This is probably a personal favorite of mine. The ombre wedding look is becoming more popular as we speak, well as you read this post. It breaks the full white, modern wedding dress look, by either adding a single colour to fade into the white, or by adding two or three colours fading into each other and then into the white. Most brides add the ombre look to the bottom of their dresses, but recent research shows that brides are flipping it around and adding the ombre to the top part of the dress. Which ever you choose, i’m a fan already!

Need some inspiration for ombre wedding dresses? Check it out here.

ombre wedding dress

The next modern wedding dress twist; Veils & Capes

If you’re following anything wedding-like, you must have read about the wedding of Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin? Hailey managed to pull off an off white wedding dress and she looked absolutely stunning. She didn’t stop there. Hailey went on to have a message embroided onto her veil! Isn’t that a sweet wedding dress twist? This brings us to our next twist. Why not have an embroider work a beautiful message onto your veil that’s personal to you?

Wedding capes are also a new “in-thing” for brides not wanting to wear a veil but would love to have a similar wedding look. A long cape that drapes behind you creates the same effect as a veil, except not a “light” look and feel. You can add colour to the cape if you’d like or perhaps have it colourful on the inside of the cape and white on the outside. Or have a rainbow cape to add some colour!

To see what Hailey Baldwin did with her veil, view their wedding article here.

embroided veil


Adding florals as a dress twist

If you can manage to add florals in a light manner, you’ll pull off this modern wedding dress twist with no problem at all. Adding florals can break the one colour tone of your dress and give it a small reference to spring or summer. Perhaps adding a type of lace overlay to your dress will be the best way to go about it. Or you can get creative and add painted flowers onto your modern wedding dress. It’s all up to what look you would like to go for. Have a look at this idea of a modern wedding dress twist.

floral wedding dress

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