Let’s talk about wedding stationery for a minute. There are so many to choose from so we’re going to break it down for you here. Your wedding invitation is the first peek that your guests have of the style and theme of your special day. Follow the design through in your menu, seating plan and programme for the day to tie your style together.

First of all, are you the type of wedding couple who sends a beautiful handmade card to all of your guests. This is the traditional wedding stationery option and shows that you are planning a wedding that conforms to the norms when people have the perfect wedding in mind. Creative layers and folds, wax seals and calligraphy. So pretty and well thought out. This is definitely the most time consuming option if you choose to do it yourself, but it is so much more personal and will let your guests feel super special when they receive it.

Secondly, you might want to consider a printed invitation or laser cut designs for your wedding stationery. These are very creative and allow you to design something unique for your guests. You should still incorporate your theme and colour scheme, but the results are less flat and basic as they might appear on a handmade card.

Lastly, the digital route for wedding stationery is becoming ever more popular in our busy world. Get a web designer to create a wedding website with all of the details of your special day online. They can set up your invitation online as well as a RSVP option so you can track who is attending. A wedding website with digital stationery is a great alternative as you can create a tab for comments and little stories from friends about the bride and groom, have a gallery of special moments as a couple  for your guests to look through, and keep your guests updated on the details and updates as they happen. Your website will last forever and is a great way to capture your special day online forever.

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