Bridal party attire that matches to the “T” has been a wedding tradition for as long as people can remember. Brides used to prefer it that way to ensure that all the attention was on her and her partner, or a groom and his partner. Having matching bridal attire gave the guests a chance to see the bridal party’s look on the first bridesmaid or groomsman that walked. Their attention was then focused on the pair getting married.

As new century weddings come and go, old wedding traditions are slowly fading away. Don’t get me wrong not all new weddings have no reference to the traditional weddings that used to be. Weddings have slowly started becoming a ceremony of showing off your love for your partner but in your own unique way. If that means getting rid of the wedding march and adding your personalised walk-in song, then that’s what it will be.

You are not forced or tied to follow strict wedding ceremonies, unless of course your heritage has a set routine and should be followed 100%…But for the purpose on these tips, we’re assuming you’ve got full rains and can switch it up anyway you want.

Let’s jump to it; mismatching bridal party attire and how you can make it work.

Bridal party with the same colour palette but different styles

It’s the new norm to have your bridesmaids dress up in the colour palette that you’ve chosen for them, but in different styles. Trust me, it will not take any attention off of you and your partner if your bridesmaids are dressed in the same colour but in different styles. The human eye has been trained in such a funny way that if will pick up the colour and register that it is all the same colour and so the style is probably the same too, so it will shift back to you. Think of it as speed reading…

Not only will you create a new style for your wedding but you’ll also give your bridesmaids the opportunity to be comfortable in a dress style that will suite their body types and ensure that they are comfortable in what they are wearing. Having comfortable bridal parties will show on your wedding photos, keep that in mind.

You can do the same with the groomsmen. Have them dressed in the same colour attire, but change the tie or the blazer cut…

same colour bridesmaids dresses

Bridal party with the same style attire, but different colours

Bridal party mismatching in this way is a fun way to go about dressing your bridal party. You can either have a two tone colour bridal party or have them all wear different colours. Try and keep the style the same, the reason for this is that as a guest looking at your bridal party, it will be clear that you’ve gone for a wedding switch up route, but because the dresses are all the same, if gives the guest the idea that it was planned. If your bridesmaids are dressed in different colours and different styles, your guests will get the idea that it was a last minute throw together and that’s not really the idea you’re going with…right?

different colour dresses

Go BOLD with your bridesmaids’ dresses

If you are anything like me, I like to create new ideas with certain events. So why not be bold and have something completely different to the norm?

Go for big patterns or add some shimmer to your bridal party, go for dramatic looks and colours. If you have a themed wedding try and incorporate the look of your bridal party into the theme to tie it all together. Don’t forget that you can also change up your bridesmaids’ hairstyles to add some differentiation between them.

View more bold bridesmaids’ dress ideas

bold bridesmaids dresses

Opt in for floral dresses and suites

I know, you’re thinking I’ve gone too far now…But just close your eyes for a second and imagine a spring wedding with your bridesmaids’ dresses in light floral prints, celebrating spring and your wedding celebration. Can you see it yet?

If you’re planning an island wedding, this is a huge idea to keep in mind. Floral dresses are comfortable, breathable materials and will make any bridesmaid happy to wear in tropical climates. Now pair them off with groomsmen dressed in floral shirts, light and breezy! It’s important to stick to a colour scheme with florals, because it’s already a busy pattern. So keeping it to light pink flowers or red flowers, will not make it seem like you’ve gone a little over-board.

floral bridesmaid dresses

Who knew that bridal party wedding attire could add a nice feature to your wedding? Seems the planning just got a little extended…sorry…

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