No doubt that every bride and groom wants their wedding day to be perfect, but sometimes we’re disappointed with what we receive after envisioning something perfect.

We’re diving into tips on how to avoid the social media trap when planning your wedding and I think it might just an “AH-HA” moment for you.

Social media platforms have perceived themselves to advertise the perfect world and with that perfect weddings. This makes it quite easy to be disappointed by what you see on social media and the urge it creates inside of you to mimic that on your wedding day.

Don’t get me wrong, social media is a great tool for wedding inspiration, but there are limits to what can be done and what cannot. Pretty wedding pictures pop up every time you search “wedding inspiration”, but the one thing they don’t show is the budget you’ll require in order to have something similar when planning your wedding.

Here are a few tips for planning your wedding realistically that will also keep to your budget and avoid disappointment.


Keep the social media as just inspiration

Browse topics and wedding ideas and pin them or save them as your inspiration, a start point for wedding ideas. Programme your mind from the start that what you see and find on social media, might not be duplicated exactly by a wedding vendor.


Prioritise items on your wedding planning list

Start off by prioritising the most important items for your wedding (important to you & your partner) then planning your wedding realistically will be made a little easier. This ensures that when you’re scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram late night and getting ahead of yourself, you can revert back to your list to keep you on track with your planning.


Wedding budgets & time

There is really no reason to lie to yourself about your wedding budget. The Pinterest bouquet you saw might be double your budget when you consult a florist, so it’s best to speak to vendors first and tell them what your budget is for certain items and they will be able to tell you how many they can produce of that item. You can then take it from there.

There are many brides and grooms that prefer to do most décor items and stationery DIY, but take your time into consideration when planning your wedding. Can you truly afford a whole week of making your own paper flowers, when you can hire a vendor to do all that for you?

Once again the social media image creates the desire to have a certain wedding look, but it might have taken weeks to get it all together. Don’t fall into that “it’s easy” social media wedding planning trap.


Consult Vendors

Wedding vendors have been through this a thousand times, why not consult them about ideas and inspiration? Being open and honest about your expectations with your wedding vendors will give you the opportunity to find new inspiration and avoid disappointment. Your wedding vendors will definitely inform you about where the boundaries lie when it comes to what they can offer and what they can deliver.

Take a look at our wedding vendors to help with all the planning of your wedding.


Don’t duplicate

It’s important to make this your wedding, personalised to who you are as a couple. Social media forces the idea of what a wedding should be and we tend to believe that the only way to pull off a wedding perfectly is to copy what we see.

I’ve been to a few weddings and I’ve sat at the reception admiring the table only to be disappointed at realising it is the exact same table décor as a Pin I’ve come across, which led me to ask the question, just how personal is this wedding actually?

One memorable wedding I attended was one just before Easter, where the bride had added cute bunny ornaments to the table to symbolise Easter which was important to the bride.


Lastly, don’t plan too early!

Couples who’ve been engaged for a long period often fall into the social media wedding planning trap. Since, trends change constantly; chances are so will their wedding planning ideas. Whatever is in, will stay, what’s last season goes…Keep on track with your priority list and add a list of things you do like for your wedding and things you don’t like.

Start your planning on the right foot and download the I Hear Wedding Bells Wedding Checklist when you start with planning your wedding.

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