We’re into the first few days of autumn and I can’t but get excited for the new season and how it affects weddings, mostly in a good way!

Maybe I’m a little biased but autumn weddings are a personal favourite for many reasons… Firstly you get to enjoy an outdoor wedding without getting too hot in the sun, it’s almost cosy enough. Secondly, the way nature provides with picture perfect scenes is a bonus and you can’t ask for more!

We’ll explore some planning tips, some reasons that make autumn so perfect for weddings and we’ll throw in some tips or ideas to incorporate into your autumn wedding.

Autumn Wedding & 4 Inspiring Tips To Help 1

Planning an Autumn Wedding

So you’ve chosen autumn as the season for your wedding, what next? Chances are you’ve gone for the cooler weather, but what about the location? If you’re not getting married in autumn of 2020, take this season as a trial to view different venues and what they would look like in autumn, before you make up your mind.

If you’re thinking about using the season as part of your décor for an outdoor wedding, then it’s best to look for venues with trees that change colour as the season changes. Can you picture the autumn colours? The red, orange, yellow and brown leaves?

Be sure to ask the venue about how the weather is during autumn in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. This will give you an indication on times for the wedding to ensure you get the most out of the season. Also, keep in mind how autumn differs in various parts of the country.

The Western Cape’s rainy season usually starts in autumn, and could play a big role in having an outdoor wedding. Whereas autumn in parts of Gauteng, give nice sunny days, with changing greenery, but cooler to colder nights. Some venues also start to receive more fog over mountains in autumn; if that’s the wedding photo look you’re going for. Remember to check with various venues prior to planning.

Unfortunately we can’t always be sure to receive the weather we want for the wedding day, so be sure to cater for bad weather. Have a back-up plan for the venue if you’re having the ceremony outside. For the brides and bridesmaids, be sure to have cover-up throws or jackets to wear over the dresses to stay warm on the colder days. Men, be sure to get suits that are warm for the colder days.

Autumn weddings do give us an excuse to be extra rustic of the day, incorporating nature and it’s wonderful colours into the wedding décor for the day. Get some inspiration for decor ideas from our vendors.

Autumn Wedding & 4 Inspiring Tips To Help 2

Ideas for an Autumn wedding

The Colour Palette

To complement an autumn wedding, opt-in for warm colours with the odd exception for a blue here and there. Think of colours along the lines of maroon, navy blue, warm orange and yellows, browns and cream colours. You could even throw in a little copper or gold to finish off your colour palette.

The Autumn Bouquet

Nothing says autumn more than having an autumn bouquet! Here you can add autumn colours too, deep red roses and dark green forestry…

It’s best to speak to your chosen florist to see what flowers are in season and will have warm colours to complement the wedding.

autumn wedding

Additional Autumn wedding add-ons

Keep your guests warm during the ceremony by giving them a blanket to cuddle up in. A warm guest on an autumn evening is definitely a happy guest! Serve some hot chocolate or coffee and tea to warm up guests before, during and after the wedding.

Autumn leaves can add 2 additional bonus factors to your wedding. You can use the colourful leaves as confetti when the married couple walk down the aisle after being pronounced partners for life. Or you can use the leaves to create a back drop to create really amazing wedding photos.

Autumn Wedding & 4 Inspiring Tips To Help 3


Autumn Wedding & 4 Inspiring Tips To Help 4

To add additional cosy elements to your Autumn wedding, add candles in various sizes on the tables and around the venue, this will sure add to the warmth in the venue. Serve some delicious soups as entrées to fill those happy guest tummies!

Autumn Wedding & 4 Inspiring Tips To Help 5

Lastly, end the night with a wedding bonfire. What could be a better Autumn wedding celebration than a cosy bonfire with family and friends?

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