This is probably the most exciting part for the bride when it comes to wedding planning, at the same time it is also just as stressful to find the right dress for your big day and hoping it fits on the day…

Having the right bride tribe to assist you with all the major steps for your wedding day, will make your wedding a breeze! We’ve taken the time to give you a few wedding dress shopping tips to keep in mind when you go shopping for the perfect dress and they are sure to take out quite a bit of anxiety out of this task.

Let’s jump straight into it; what you need to know when wedding dress shopping.

Use Pinterest to pin down wedding dress styles for inspiration 

Pinterest is such an amazing tool to use to save all the wedding dress styles and inspiration, not only can you use it for wedding dress ideas, but you can almost save every part of your wedding day ideas and planning on Pinterest, using different boards. The nice thing about interest is that it saves you from having to walk into bridal shops with wedding magazines filled with dress styles and ideas. You can simply just flip through the images in your board.

You’re sure to find dresses of different categories and times.

Start Shopping 9-10 months ahead of your wedding day

Try and start your dress shopping as early as 10 months ahead of your wedding day, simply for the reason that if you decide to have your dress made, it could take up to 6 months to make and you really don’t want to be disappointed, so it is best to start well in advance. Also keep in mind the time it takes for alterations on your dress, because chances are, a few brides will be in line for alterations on their dresses…

Keep in mind your comfort and what makes you feel confident

Of course you want to feel comfortable in your wedding dress on your wedding day, which is why it’s important to make a list of possible wedding dress styles that you think you might feel comfortable in and start by trying on those dresses, but be sure to try various styles of dresses. You might find that a tight fitting dress is not what makes you feel comfortable but you liked the style.

Compare bridal shops/boutiques

Comparing bridal boutiques and shops are so important! From the outside looking in, it might seem that they all offer the same thing, but walking in, you’ll notice some shops focus on one designer’s style with very little diversity in dresses, while another boutique will have a greater variety of dress styles and even colours. Be sure to ask about pricing range for alterations.

Prepare for the wedding dress fitting day (Don’t skip this tip)

A few tips to consider or keep in mind in preparation for your dress appointment:

  1. Keep your make-up minimal, to ensure it doesn’t rub off on wedding dresses when trying them on.
  2. Wearing nude underwear and a strapless bra will make it easier to try on a variety of styles.
  3. Just a heads-up, the dress-stylist will most probably be in the fitting room with you and will see your underwear. The only reason is just to help you get into your dress easily.
  4. If you are considering wearing your hair up or to the side, bring hair clips or ties so that you can visualize how your dress, especially the neckline and back, will look on your wedding day.
  5. Don’t forget to eat! No one wants to see a Hangry-bride-to-be. Dress shopping could take up your whole day.

Remember your wedding destination climate

When choosing your dress, be sure to keep in mind your wedding day location and climate. Don’t forget to research the season’s nature of your wedding destination, this will impact your dress quite a bit.

Take pictures of each dress you try on

It’s so important to take pictures of every dress you try on, so that you can compare them as you go along and to reference back to the one your really liked.

Before buying the dress, ask about alterations

Alterations can become very expensive, be sure to ask about them and also don’t forget to ask about the time frame of alterations, in order to help fall into your wedding planning.

Once you have a dress, stop the dress search

Buyer’s remorse is real, and it mostly happens when you just can’t help going to one more store and looking at the newest collections. I totally get it! Wedding dresses are beautiful. However, this mistake can lead you down a dark path with a lot of stress and disappointment. Stop shopping after you have found your dress and move on to the other wedding planning parts. Otherwise, you may lose confidence in your beautiful dress and in your decision.

Good luck with the planning!

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