Before you think I’ve lost my mind by considering a “Braai Wedding” read through my ways of making it work and trust me you’ll believe it could work as well!

So it’s Heritage Day today, a day for us to reflect on our roots here in South Africa. Being a country with a vast variety in heritage and culture, it’s always exciting to see the people dress up in cultural clothes and celebrate with amazing food… yes, since we are a nation that celebrates with food, we’ve even created our own “Braai” Day, because as South Africans we LOVE to braai!

This braai day idea led me to the idea of a Braai Wedding… If you’re looking at having a wedding that isn’t like the typical weddings of today, then this idea is definitely a must try!

Your wedding day is a big celebration ceremony, why not celebrate it the proudly South African way and turn the fine dining into a relaxed braai event? A Braai creates a chilled atmosphere, leaving no room for uptight, awkward air. I’m pretty sure the groom will be all for this idea…

Let’s jump right into it then; the 7 tips to make a braai wedding work;

The Wedding Venue

Well, since you’re going to have braai meat as part of your menu, it might be a great idea to have your reception somewhere outdoors, perhaps on an open lawn, because it adds to the braai atmosphere. Having a braai indoors just won’t be the same, trust me!

The Wedding Décor

Since it’ll be a braai wedding, why not incorporate some proudly South African traditions and décor ideas? Add items that remind you of South Africa, maybe items you only get here or items that mean something to you. You can even go as far as to serve your food in typical South African cans to create a rustic feel. Decorate your tables with beautiful proteas and other earthy elements, with a few candles here and there.

The Wedding Drinks

There’s really so many ways to get creative with offering drinks at a braai themed wedding. At any big braai event, you’ll normally find a big crate filled with ice and drinks. Incorporate a huge ice bucket idea close to the food table for guests to easily get drinks when they feel like it. Be sure to have red and white wine, beers and soft drinks for guests that don’t drink. Otherwise opt in for mini drinks buckets on each table.

If none of these drinks ideas catch your attention, hire a mobile bar for the night that can serve different drinks, craft beers, gins, soft drinks and even champagne!

Have a Braai Station

Finally, the food! A Braai at home can sometimes turn out quite late with regards to food being ready, which is why it is a big YES, to get someone to start the food early, because a hungry guest is most likely not going to be a happy guest!

It’s actually a great idea to have a Braai station section where guests can help themselves to a mini braai display of food.

Have a full Braai Buffet

If you’re willing to go the extra mile and do a braai buffet, where guests can pick and choose from a wide variety of meats and salads, then totally go for it!

A Spit Braai wedding

Having a spit braai at birthday events is turning into the norm, why not have it at your wedding? Pair it with some nice baby potatoes and mix veg… Also be sure to start earlier in the day.

The Dessert at your Wedding Braai

Of course cake will be dessert! But if we’re sticking to the braai theme, there has to be marshmallows on sticks for guests to braai! Give them a dessert braai station where they can pair the marshmallows with biscuits to create smores. You can even decorate the table with some traditional desserts such as melktert and koeksisters.

Going through all these tips it’s clear that it could definitely work!

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