Every bride is working towards the perfect wedding and with that comes perfect wedding flowers, however, before your wedding flowers can be perfect, there’s a few thing that you’ll have to keep in mind to ensure you don’t deal with disappointments.

Just remember that your florist wants your day to be as perfect as you had imagined it. Let’s jump right into the “florist rules for wedding flowers”.

Be open minded about wedding flower types

So you’ve decided on your flower arrangement for your winter wedding…you get to the florist and you manage to find not a single Peony flower at the florist. Upon asking the florist, she informs you that it’s winter and in South Africa Peonies only blooms for one single month in late spring, early summer…Well isn’t that great? Now what?

It’s a great idea to brainstorm your flower arrangement ideas, but probably wise to write down a few of your favourite options, in case the others aren’t available. Research your flowers’ season to see if it’ll be in season when it’s your wedding.

Take your list to your florist and listen to what wedding flowers he or she suggests for your wedding day. This will make the planning a lot easier, trust me.

Keep in mind flower colours

In a perfect world all flower colours are exactly the same. But not in this world…our flowers have slight colour tints and shades which stand out more when you pair them with certain flowers of certain colours. Ask your florist about mixing and matching colours and flowers for the best result.

Think about how your wedding flowers will be photographed

The only memory of your wedding flowers will be the bits you can remember and the photos you’ll have afterwards. If you have a two tone wedding colour scheme, it will be a wise idea to add in a third colour to break the definite two tones in your bouquet to ensure it doesn’t look like polka dots. Try adding some greenery if your flowers are bright.

Stick to a single flower colour

If you’re on a tight wedding budget, try sticking to a single colour flower arrangement to save a few extra rands. Having single colour flower arrangements will make your wedding look organized and adding a small hint of colour with other wedding elements will be sure to make your flowers stand out.

Reuse your wedding flowers, a florist tip

Wedding costs can become very expensive, but one way to cut down a little is by reusing your flowers. You can use your ceremony flowers at your reception again. Bridesmaids can use their bouquets on their tables as center pieces. Reusing your wedding flowers will ensure no odd flowers or bouquets lying around after the ceremony, plus you save money by not having to buy additional flowers!

Break the typical wedding tradition

If your wedding isn’t going to be traditional or the typical wedding style, then break the wedding tradition! It’s your wedding and you can make it perfect anyway you want. If you decide to only have small succulents on the table, do it! If you want single orchids to be your center piece, go for it! There is no right or wrong way to use flowers at your wedding.

Simplify your bridesmaids’ bouquets

Since it is your day and not your bridesmaids’ day; You can simplify their bouquets to save additional costs, but focus on your bouquet. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t ask too many girls to be your bridesmaids, you can do the math, it’s going to turn out quite a bit…

Just another way I Hear Wedding Bells assist in making your wedding perfect!

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