Finding the best wedding venue for your special day is one of the biggest factors to consider when planning your perfect dream wedding. It is also usually the most expensive, and needs to be booked the furthest in advance. A few very important questions to ask your potential wedding venue would come in really handy when visiting different venues.


We all have our preferences and questions when it comes to a potential wedding venue. Will you go for the super chic and trendy, or the rustic and boho? We wrote a blog post about this not too long ago and it might help with your wedding venue decision. Ultimately, the wedding venue needs to reflect who you are as a couple, and make you feel comfortable and special for the day, while still catering to your budget, decor needs and guest preferences. It’s a lot to think about so we’ve put together six great questions to ask your potential wedding venue to assist you in choosing the perfect one:


  1. Is the date we plan on getting married available for us?
  2. Who should we be in contact with at this wedding venue for all of our planning and arrangements?
  3. How many guests can your wedding venue cater for?
  4. Is there a package available for the use of the wedding venue, and what is included in that package?
  5. Will the wedding venue be available for our exclusive use on our wedding day?
  6. What time can we arrive and what time should the guests leave?


Another great idea is to take a short video of the potential wedding venue as you do the walk-through so that you can remember all of the features that stood out for you. At the very least, try to take pictures to look through later on. Happy hunting!

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