Where there’s passion, there’s a story…We’re excited to explore a little deeper into what makes Kelly Lombard Photography so special and unique. After all, shooting weddings is not just a “job” for Kelly, but a pure moment of excitement in celebration of a new adventure between two people. Kelly loves to connect with her clients on a comfortable level, allowing them to feel free to be themselves, whether they are quiet, loud, goofy or simply just a fun-ball of joy.

You’re sure to love Kelly and her shooting style! But hey, let’s jump right into the juicy parts about what makes Kelly Lombard Photography so amazing! We’ve asked Kelly a few question to give us an insider on what her photography is all about, where it started and where she finds inspiration…

Kelly Lombard Photography

Kelly tells us…

I Hear Wedding Bells: Have you always had a passion for photography?

Kelly: “Yes!! I grew up with my father who was a photographer so it literally runs in the family!”

I Hear Wedding Bells: What was your very first camera and what was the story behind getting it?

Kelly: “I had a tiny little “clickity click” camera (An Olympus) as I like to call it. I got it for my 13th birthday and did “family shoots” with it. Eventually I got a Nikon that could take better photos and started playing around with that.”

I Hear Wedding Bells: Which photographer managed to capture your admiration and gives you inspiration?

Kelly: “Jules Morgan a Cape Town based Photographer. I adore her work!”

I Hear Wedding Bells: Besides wedding photography, what other lifestyle events do you love?

Kelly: “I just love Maternity shoots – the “calm before the storm”. The anticipation and excitements that comes along with of a new life joining a family of 2 or 5 is still the most magical thing to capture!”

Kelly is sure to be one gifted photographer, that you can keep for your engagement shoot, wedding shoot and even your maternity and baby shoots! Here’s a quick article elaborating more on maternity shoots.

I Hear Wedding Bells: What is your shooting style of wedding photography?

Kelly: “I am very relaxed. I go with the flow. More of a journalistic approach to shooting weddings. I don’t like to interfere to much especially when the bride and groom are getting ready. I prefer to capture the day as it happens, its in those moments that real memories are captured. And when you look back at your photos, the day floods back!”

I Hear Wedding Bells: How do you help couples to get over their camera shyness?

Kelly: “I am a bit of a goofball. So I often tend to make a little bit of a fool of myself, so the focus isn’t on the bridal couple too much and I get Guest and family to laugh and relax because I am usually keeping things relaxed and chilled. I also make sure to learn peoples names! That goes a long way and helps people relax to an extent “.

I Hear Wedding Bells: Do you have a favourite shooting location? And why there?

Kelly: “No, as long as I can work with the light and my clients are having a great time, then I am happy to shoot anywhere. anytime!”

I Hear Wedding Bells: Do you have different wedding packages?

Kelly: “Yes. 4 in total. But I am always happy to create customized packages to suit my clients as well!”

I Hear Wedding Bells: Do you prefer shooting with natural light or studio lights to manipulate the outcome of the photo?

Kelly: “Natural all the way!”

Kelly has mastered using natural light to her advantage with her photography. If you’re an upcoming photographer and want to learn more about shooting with natural light, you can explore these articles… For Canon camera users, for Nikon camera users.

I Hear Wedding Bells: If you could have one superpower, what would you choose?

Kelly: “To be invisible! I often try capture guest off guard, having a laugh, shedding a tear, but people are very camera conscious! So if I could be invisible, oh the moments I would capture!”

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