Guest entertainment is definitely something to consider on your wedding day while you’re out and about during the photo shoot.

Sure guests can mingle around with people they don’t know, but eventually it becomes awkward when the conversation hits a dead-end and you end up just sitting around wondering whether to get another drink or inspect the surroundings…

You’ll find most guests enjoy weddings where the waiting isn’t too long after the ceremony and what better way to eliminate a bored guest than giving them something to do?

Here are a few really great guest entertainment ideas that will leave your guests talking about your amazing wedding day long after it happened;

Guest messages

It’s always a great idea to have something that enables your guests to leave messages for you on your wedding day, as another wedding guest entertainment idea. Depending on what use you have in mind for your messages, there are many creative ways to go about it.

wedding guest messages


  • Go Traditional; have a wedding guest book, where your guests can write messages to you and your loved one. You can even add an Insta-stax camera ready, which they can use to take their photo and paste it with their message. View our specialized vendor here for cute ideas for guest messages.
  • Go Digital; have a camera setup with a comfy chair for your guests, where they can sit and leave a message. After all the messages have been recorded, a video editor can compile it into a nice short film to watch. It will be a really creative idea to incorporate these video messages into your wedding video.
  • Go Creative; have guests write on laser cut puzzle pieces, that fit into each other and can be framed afterwards. Make it interesting and print a photo on the front of the pieces, and guests can write on the back of each piece, then when you build the puzzle, your photo is visible.

Wedding Guest Games and Entertainment

Everyone loves wedding games and it is a good way for your guests to interact with each other and break the ice with people they don’t know. Not only will your guests love playing the games you’ve chosen, but they will end up forgetting about the time passing while waiting for you and your loved one to take wedding photos.

Wedding guest entertainment games

Some fun guest games to consider;

  • Over-sized wedding games; these games can be so interesting and fun. Have you ever played Giant Jenga? Or perhaps your guests love beer pong? Why not switch it up and create Giant Beer Pong? Give your guests the freedom to choose the rules. This one is sure to bring out great laughs! Some other giant guest games could include, checkers, chess, connect four or even battle ships.
  • Paper wedding Games; these include easy games your guests can play either during your photo shoot or even during your reception. Think of games such as Wedding bingo or I Spy. You can get even more creative and create Wedding Libs for your guests to fill in and drop in a box for you.

These wedding guest entertainment ideas can definitely keep your wedding guests less agitated while waiting for the reception to start.

Wedding guest entertainment ideas 1Wedding guest entertainment ideas 2

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Happy planning!

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