Wedding cakes seem to get creative as the years pass and it’s no secret that people are focusing on making their wedding cake a focus point on their wedding day. New generations are switching up the traditional 2 or 3 tier plain white wedding cakes with creative designs and shapes. We’re about to dive in to the tope predicted wedding cake trends for 2020…

The question is; just how far are you willing to go for a unique wedding cake?

Let’s start off with wedding cake colour trends

Wedding cakes used to be all white back in the day, but slowly couples have chosen to add a little colour to their wedding cake, by either adding flowers or ribbons. Wedding cakes then shifted to off-white and creams. And now, it seems we’re back to white with a splash of colour, except now it’s more modern and creative.

White wedding cakes with a “painted” colour effect are very popular at the moment. It gives the cake a soft touch, yet allowing the cake to grab some attention from guests. This is a good opportunity to bring in your wedding colour scheme, with a splash of the colour on your cake. Have a look at how subtle it is done on this cake.

painted wedding cake

light painted cake


Bright wedding cake colours

Some couples prefer something way more extravagant when it comes to their wedding cake… Adding bright colours to a tier can make your cake pop out in ways that other wedding cake styles can’t. Brightly coloured wedding cakes add a fun and happy feel to weddings. Often couples choose to go with bright coloured wedding cakes if they are bubbly and optimistic in character.

bright colour cake

Geometric wedding cakes

While geometric shapes add to a futuristic feel in any design, these geometric wedding cake ideas will have your eyes filled with envy! If you’re thinking of keeping the wedding cake shape in circular tiers, add geometric shapes or patterns onto a tier or two. Use contrasting colours for an even better effect. Otherwise, ditch the old wedding cake shape and literally have your wedding cake in geometric shapes! If your wedding is headed more toward the bohemian look, then geometric wedding cake ideas are definitely something to consider carrying your theme through to every detail.

geometric wedding cake

geometric wedding cake 2

Hand-painted wedding cake trends

Hand-painted wedding cakes add a personal touch to the character of the cake. Choose hand-painted flowers for summer weddings and perhaps hand-painted shapes or abstract art for other seasons. Either way guests will love the detail put into your wedding cake. We’re sure your wedding cake designer would love to let loose on designs and ideas.

Cupcakes & small dessert wedding cakes

More couples are choosing to go for a small top tier cake to cut and lower tiers filled with cupcakes of the same cake mixture or even small dessert items that guests can easily take on their way home or while at the wedding reception. This idea saves on the cutting cake part and ensuring there’s enough to go around.

Alternative wedding cakes

Not sure about you, but I love cake! However, some couples opt in for a different wedding cake idea. Since not everyone cheers for cake, these alternative wedding cake ideas will make it exciting either way.

Get creative and have a fruit only wedding cake arrangement or perhaps you could go for a cheese tier cake. Browse some other fruit inspired wedding cake ideas. I just want to add, I’m still waiting for a wedding with an ice cream cake!

fruit cake

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