If you’re a plus size bride and dreading the task of finding the perfect wedding dress, I’m here to let you know that it can definitely be turned into a wonderful day. With a few tips, your dress shopping experience could be a magical time.

First things first when it comes to plus size wedding dress shopping, keep an open mind when it comes to choosing your perfect dress. We all have a “Wedding Dress Ideas” Pinterest board, but as much as we build on our boards, there’s a big possibility that the dress that suits you, might be completely different to the ones on your board.

Call boutiques in advance, asking about plus size wedding dresses

To avoid any disappointments about not finding a dress that fits, it’ll be a great idea to call boutiques well in advance. Give them your dress size and ask them if they can accommodate your size, be sure to ask if they have various styles as well that you can choose from.

Don’t settle for just any wedding dress

If it happens that the boutique doesn’t have a style you like in your size, don’t just accept it because you have no other choice. Try other boutiques. You deserve to find your own perfect wedding dress and settling for anything less is a big no! Get some plus size wedding dress inspiration.

Ensure that there’s a specialist at the boutique for plus size dresses

Nothing is more annoying than not having any person on hand that’s well trained to give you the proper advice you need when trying on the plus size dress put aside for you. Think about alteration costs, if needed. Think about styles that would complement your body shape, what if the boutique employee can’t give you the correct advice? Best to call ahead and ensure that there’s a specialist on hand to help with any queries regarding plus size dresses.

Sometimes fabrics matter… what to use for plus size wedding dresses?

If you’re worried about what type of fabric will be the best choice and most forgiving, then you should consider thicker fabrics like satin. Satin is a heavier fabric which allows for smoother curves. This would also help to draw away any attention from areas that make you feel a little self-conscious. You can find affordable fabrics for your wedding dress at Chamdor Faktry. They have employees with expert advice on what materials to use, you’re in good hands!

Comfort comes first

Keep in mind that you’re going to be in your wedding dress for a whole day, so choose a wedding dress that makes you feel comfortable and you’ll look beautiful either way.

Take the right company with

It’s important to take friends or family with you that won’t judge you and that will make feel comfortable and beautiful, no matter what dress you choose to wear. If you feel like you have someone supportive to take with, then enjoy the day by yourself. You don’t need to feel anything less than beautiful while choosing your wedding dress.

Custom design your plus size wedding dress

So you’ve been to almost every boutique and can’t find what you’re looking for? Go custom made! This will give you the opportunity to feel great while a perfect fit dress is made to suit your body shape. Having your dress custom made also gives you the opportunity to discuss special styles with the designer/ seamstress on what they think would complement your body in the best way.

Enjoy the whole experience of finding the right dress. Share with us your plus size wedding dress experience and the place that made this moment special for you.

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