Who said groomsmen can’t add their own twist to their best friend’s wedding? Since bridesmaids are switching things up with mismatched bridesmaid attire, why not have mismatched groomsmen attire?

We know men are laid back most of the time, when it comes to wedding planning and sometimes even wedding attire. But perhaps they don’t find the planning as fun as brides do, which is why by giving grooms and their groomsmen some extra leeway with regards to wedding attire, they might just get more involved.

Mismatched groomsmen attire is the in thing for 2020. It adds some great personality to each groomsman. The question is; just how far can you go with mismatched groomsmen attire in order for it to still pull off?

We’ve gathered together some tips to follow, but hey, express yourself in your own unique way and it’ll still work.

mismatched groomsmen

Mismatched colour in suits

Mismatched groomsmen suits would work perfectly if you keep one variable constant. If you’re planning on having different suit colours, keep the material the same. This will ensure that your groomsmen don’t look like they didn’t know what to wear. It’s a bonus if you know what suits your friends already have, because then you can either choose your mismatched groomsmen attire palette from what you all have or you can work towards a certain style. No doubt your groomsmen will feel very comfortable in their own suits.

Groomsmen’s chosen suit style

Not every groomsman will have the same body type, so giving them the freedom to decide what suit style/cut to wear, that would complement their body type, will automatically make your groomsmen happy and comfy. So there’s another mismatched groomsmen attire option; mismatched suit cuts, but similar colour or complementary colours.

Groomsmen attire accessories

Yes! Accessories are not just for brides and bridesmaids. So let’s just right into this guideline…

There are a few ways men can accessorise their tuxedos or suits. Be it bow tie or tie? Pocket square or boutonniere? Vest or cummerbund? Belt or suspenders? Hey there’s really so much you can do.

If you’re a groom that likes to keep it simple and not too mismatched, then change up something small like one of those mentioned above.

Mismatched groomsmen attire guidelines

It’s important to give your groomsmen guidelines of just how far you’re willing to mismatch wedding attire and be sure to have a dress-up day before hand to cancel out any attire surprises. If there are guidelines in place your friends would most likely manage to get the right attire to compliment you and your partner on your special day.

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