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  1. Your Lockdown Mental state.
  2. More Lockdown Tips; 1
  3. Continue the search for all things wedding during lockdown.
  4. Lockdown virtual bridal planning sessions.
  5. Get crafty.
  6. Read up on past wedding blogs.
  7. Finances & the wedding list.
  8. New wedding date, thanks Lockdown!
  9. Marriage foundation prep.

No doubt that being under lockdown has put a hold on so many plans for everyone, but as the cliché goes; there’s always a silver lining! Lockdown shouldn’t be holding you back from planning the perfect wedding, sure plans are on hold, but all good things take time, right?

Planning your wedding has already put pressure on you, but what if I told you that you could make this lockdown work in your favour?  Currently our world is spinning in low-mo, which put time on your side! Isn’t that good news already?

Where to start? So many things to plan and so much time on your hands! Let’s start where it matters most…

Your Lockdown Mental state

First of all, it’s really important that you get your mind set right, focusing on the right thing and avoiding any form of negativity that could keep you from making the most of your time during lockdown. Observe what stresses you out, what creates anxiety and needs to be cut out. Realising these “triggers” will already set you on a wedding planning success! If you feel like you’re really struggling and even need some counselling, please do reach out to friends, family or even professionals.

Replace all your stressful thoughts with excitement for the wedding and all the details that will come together when lockdown is finally over. Once your mind is set on achieving your wedding goal, let’s get right into it!

lockdown mental health

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More Lockdown Tips;

Continue the search for all things wedding during lockdown

You have more than enough time on your hands now to refine your search for additional wedding items. But let’s just quickly add a disclaimer; if your wedding planning is complete, meaning you have the perfect wedding dress, venue and colour palette, don’t change your mind now. This will only add to the stress of wedding planning under lockdown. We suggest to maybe adding the finer details you wish you had added before your time ran up while planning the wedding.

So the search is on, well…um…continues! If you don’t have a Pinterest board yet, get right on it! Save all the cute ideas for your wedding day on a special lockdown wedding board, so you know what new additions you’re thinking of. People are pinning wedding items like it’s about to go out of fashion soon.

Social media is really helping out with new ideas; people are posting DIY wedding décor ideas, new wedding stationery ideas and all this because of lockdown. See why the sun is starting to seep through the lockdown darkness? The best part of being under lockdown and having the internet at our fingertips is the amount of really good specials you’re most likely to come across. From photographers to venues, most vendors are having crazy discount sales. Picture black Friday, but for a month, or more! So jump right onto the internet and search for those specials!

lockdown wedding planning

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Lockdown virtual bridal planning sessions

Who said you have to be together with your bridal party to keep the planning going? Virtual sessions of gatherings are really popular at the moment. Why not arrange one to continue your planning? Or even better, have a chill session with your besties every now and then, keeping the mental health in top shape.

Get crafty

If you have a garden and you have a few flowers, be sure to pick them before they die completely. You can use them to make your own confetti. This is a really fun event you can share with your family and friends virtually, each collecting and making their own confetti for the wedding.

If you have no flowers or leaves at your disposal, you could always use old paper to punch out little confetti circles.

The creativity doesn’t have to end here. You can get creative with your invites, add a personal touch to them. Now is a great time to also look into creating a wedding website and putting all your details of your special day online for your families and friends to familiarise with.

Liking this idea? Check out Domain That Name, creators of classy wedding websites!

lockdown confetti

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Read up on past wedding blogs

With more time on your hands to plan your wedding under lockdown, be sure to go through some wedding blogs. We’ve shared some great wedding tips and advice in the past that will help to make the planning even easier during this lockdown period.

Take notes and jot down new ideas. Your wedding will be one to remember for sure!

Finances & the wedding list

It’s no secret that lockdown has impacted our pockets, so adjusting your wedding budget might be a wise idea. If you’re all paid up, I guess you’re sorted, but if you still have outstanding wedding balances that need to be paid, it might be a good idea to re-look at what you can cut for the wedding day. This might even be revising the wedding list (provided that the invites haven’t gone out yet).

It really is about you and your love, therefore by not putting unnecessary financial strain on your relationship will be a positive step into your new future together.

New wedding date, thanks Lockdown!

Well, we all saw that coming…

You’ve planned a beautiful autumn wedding, but lockdown is just not letting it happen. Don’t fret, you’ve got a few choices here. You can either decide to change your season, perhaps to more of a winter or spring wedding, in other words, shift your date to later in the year and still be married in 2020. It will still be perfect, because everyone you love will be there.

If you don’t plan on changing your season, then the best is to shift your date to 2021. Take the extended time to invest in your relationship, enjoy the journey and remember that all good things come to those that wait.

Stay focused on your goal and don’t allow any negative thoughts to clutter your mind.

lockdown therapy

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Marriage foundation prep

Lockdown is here for a few more days, take this time to prep your marriage foundation. It is a lifetime commitment that you’re making and growing together during this difficult time will help the bond you and your love already have.

Read more about premarital preparations and why it is so important.

Premarital preparations help you address important questions about marriage, including finances, having children in the future and other marriage topics.

At the end of all this, the planning still continues, just virtually for now. Be sure to call your venue and ask for advice or assistance on shifting your date. Save up and take advantage of all the specials happening online, especially in the wedding industry.

Breathe… You got this! Do some virtual window shopping in the meantime, check out our wedding vendors.


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