A beautiful garden wedding is perfect for a bridal pair that loves the outdoor vibe or even for a small intimate wedding. Nothing truly beats the sound of birds chirping while you stand in front of your loved ones to say “I do”. Or the calming river stream nearby, kissing rocks as it flows past.

Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when you’re planning an outdoor wedding.

Weather-proofing your hairstyle

It’s a good idea to collaborate with your hairstylist about a style that could last in windy and humidity conditions, in case the weather decides to give you its own wedding blessings. Find a style that can be versatile in different weather conditions.

Avoid high heels for your garden wedding

Firstly, you don’t want to be sinking in the grass with each step you take towards the altar. I can already picture a beautiful bride with a sweet wedding melody playing and every now and then it looks like she’s hot a hip problem from a dip into the grass…

It might be a better option to go for wedges or flats for your outdoor wedding. You could even go barefoot with a designed anklet or foot jewellery as a shoe replacement. You can really make it you own.

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Have a back-up plan for your garden wedding

Learn to love that back-up plan! If the weather gets too extreme and you have to move the wedding inside, then you need to love what you’ve decided as the back-up. It’s best to remind yourself why you love that indoor spot. Is it the way the lights shine, the features on the wall? Perhaps the inside option has beautiful pillars? Whatever it may be, love it anyways.

Thumbs up for wedding websites!

You might have not even thought about how a wedding website could improve your wedding planning and arrangements to be sent to guests…Use your website as a wedding informing platform. If the times change, make the changes there. If the weather is not playing a long and the back-up plan is in play, let your guests know about it on the website.

This is going to save you many headaches! Like the wedding website idea for an outdoor wedding? Well any wedding actually… View Domain That Name, the classy wedding website creators!

Rain policy on rental contracts

You’re probably look at this point and thinking, nah … this will be a skip for me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Ensure you read the rain policy of every item you’re renting for your garden wedding. Some items get damaged in the rain and guess who will be paying for the damage? Yes, you. If your renting policy says nothing about rain damage or it just getting wet in general, then be sure to ask these questions. You don’t need the unnecessary stress of additional bills making their way to you.

Garden wedding lawn treatment

Treat the lawn of your ceremony or reception a few days before the wedding. This will ensure no unwanted bugs attack your guests. You can even add citronella candles around the lawn to help keep bugs away.

These are just a few tips to consider when planning an outdoor wedding. Perhaps you can even add customised fans for hot days.

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