There’s really two ways a destination wedding can go, either you’re planning on that island wedding with all your family and friends, or you’re planning an intimate wedding ceremony with close friends and family members…I suppose it’s all about the wedding budget?

Destination weddings can be so fun to do and when sending out save the dates for a destination wedding, your guests will ooze from excitement! I mean, who doesn’t love a short trip to anywhere to celebrate love?

Now that you’ve reached this point of considering a destination wedding, read our wedding tips when planning a destination wedding.

Location of the destination wedding

When choosing your wedding location, keep in that your guests will stay over at the location. Therefore, don’t go for a location where the hotel isn’t big enough to accommodate all your guests. Keep in mind as well, that your wedding location would have to have all the resources you require for your wedding day.

Depending on who you invite to your wedding and depending on their needs, keep in mind what will work and what not, because having a beach wedding and inviting a friend or a family member in a wheelchair or perhaps they struggle to walk in sand, might not be a great idea, unless your wedding location can assist in helping them onto the beach.

Destination weddings need well in advanced save the dates!

This is really the most important part about planning your destination wedding. You’ll need to inform your guests well in advance about your wedding for which they’ll have to pay travelling for; unless you’re paying for all your guests then it’s a different story. Guests need time to save up for the expenses that they’re about to endure, so giving them a heads-up well in advance will put less pressure on them.

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Cut down on decor

You’ll be sure to save big on this tip if you cut down on the decor for your destination wedding. Use your surroundings to create your wedding atmosphere. Use local floral for decor purposes and if you can reuse it in your reception somewhere, even better!

Guest accommodation affordability

As much as your destination wedding is about you and your love, keeping your guests in mind for every decision is vital for this type of wedding. Find affordable accommodation for your guests to help them save money where they can. In finding something everyone can afford will assure that your guests will definitely come to your wedding and cancelling out any doubts that they might have due to their personal budget.

Get a wedding planner that specializes in destination weddings

A destination wedding is sure to take you out of your comfort zone when planning. Hire a wedding planner that’s skilled in destination wedding planning to save you the stress of figuring out how to go about it. If you see that getting a planner is not in your budget, try to find a wedding location that has their own wedding coordinator available to assist you with your big day.

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Visit your wedding location before your wedding day

Everything always looks good in photos, so don’t bargain on what you see is what you get! It’s important to visit your wedding location in advance before finalizing your choice for your destination wedding. Ask the staff all the important questions about the venue, the ceremony, entertainment etc.

Tailor your dress for your specific wedding location

Ensure your dress is made for the climate that your destination wedding will experience…Wearing thick materials in locations with high humidity and heat will only exhaust you and irritate you at the end of the day, most probably leading to you wishing the day would end. Researching the weather conditions and best materials for wedding attire in such conditions is a must! You’d like to avoid sweaty wedding photos at all cost.

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Destination weddings are perfect for intimate weddings where you only invite really close family and friends. It’s like having a mini vacation with them afterwards in celebration of your love.

Keep in mind that destination weddings need not always be abroad, but can be in a province that is not close to home. It all depends on what you’re planning…

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