A Creative Christmas proposal will add to the magic in the air during the festive season. There’s something about Christmas that adds the extra excitement for doing special things. Why not live in this magical season and pop the question to your love?

We gathered a few creative Christmas proposal ideas that you should totally take hold of, if this is your time for special moments…

Know that when it comes to proposals, you’ll have to put in a bit of effort to make is special. This is why these ideas will work for you, if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Create a Christmas advent calendar as a Christmas proposal

If you haven’t thought of this creative Christmas proposal yet, don’t stress too much. With 8 days to go until Christmas, you can create a Christmas week calendar, counting down till Christmas. This creative Christmas proposal idea definitely adds to the excitement of Christmas coming up fast! You can choose to have empty pockets for each day, but have the 25th containing your engagement ring. Be sure to leave the 25th’s pocket empty until the night before, in case your love decides to take a sneak peak. If you don’t want to leave the pockets empty, leading up to Christmas, simply put a small sweet or note in each pocket.

Christmas proposal advent calendar

Pop the question in a Christmas cracker

Who doesn’t love the crackers at the Christmas dinner table? Customise your own cracker and place the engagement ring inside the cracker for your love to find when they pull on the cracker to open it. Hint: you can add the engagement ring to an already-made cracker, but you’ll have to pull out ninja skills to open the cracker without tearing it or losing the strip making the ‘clap’ sound.

The creative Christmas proposal bauble

There’s 3 creative ways of going about this. You can either get an empty bauble and fill it with a “will you marry me” note and hang it on the tree for your love to find. You can place the “will you marry me” message on the bauble, either have it printer, painted or sandblasted. Or, lastly…if you manage to find an empty bauble with a neck wide enough to place the ring inside, then definitely go for this one. It creates a gift feeling and since it’ll be hanging on the tree to find, your love will be over the moon with excitement once they spot it.

proposal baublegolden christmas proposal bauble

The never-ending gift box

This creative Christmas proposal makes me chuckle every time I think of the idea of watching someone opening a gift box and having to unwrap several more layers, until, just before giving up, they get to the actual gift part.

Place the engagement ring, within its box, in another box. Keep placing the box into a bigger one, adding many box layers. When you think it’s enough, wrap it with paper and place it under the tree. Not only will it be fun and funny to watch, but the moment your love gets to the last box, they’re sure to have a priceless expression on their face!

Pop the question with a balloon

It sounds a little cheesy, but nothing wrong with playing on puns! Perhaps incorporating this into a Christmas game will be the best way to go about it. Have a couple of different balloons to pop. Have your love pop a few balloons until you give the correct balloon containing the proposal message or even the engagement ring. Be sure to record this creative Christmas proposal, you’ll be watching it again in slow-mo!

Care for a romantic trip?

What place is special to you and your love around Christmas time? Or perhaps just in general? This is a good way of pulling in the personal factor with this creative Christmas proposal. Plan a trip to your special place and set up something sweet and personal for your proposal. Maybe your love always wanted to see snow? Why not ask in the snow? Or if your love wants to have an island holiday, take the opportunity to make it even more special with a proposal.

What really works with a proposal is having the personal element in the proposal, taking something that means something to your love and adding it to the proposal.


A creative Christmas proposal treasure hunt

A Christmas love adventure will always be fun. You can use your gifts at points with clues as a reward of reaching a certain point, keeping in mind that the ultimate gift or reward will be the proposal…

You can either be at the last winning point, to pop the question. Or you can simply just have the engagement ring in its box, wrapped and waiting for your love to find.

If you’re planning something else and need more inspiration, have a look at other proposal ideas.

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