Save the dates can be so fun to do, whether you’ve decided to dedicate the task to you and your future spouse or you and your parents, it’s sure to create a special bonding session. We know that sometimes finding something creative and unique can be so difficult and that’s why this short brainstorm wedding session will guide you in the right direction. Read more about the 5 creative save the date ideas…

Pencil us in save the dates

The “pencil us in” idea for a “save the date” adds that extra unique twist to it. You can get really creative with it by going for a rustic paper look and adding a pencil for guests to “pencil you in” on your wedding date. Go even further by getting the pencil laser cut with your initials for the wedding day or perhaps even the hashtag you’re planning on using for guests to make it easy to find your photos on the social platforms, that they’ve uploaded.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile with customization, you could custom brand balloons and tie or stick it to your save the date card with a heading; “Inflate and save the date”, having all the save the date details printed on the balloon.

pencil us in save the dates

balloon save the date

Paper planes for destination weddings

Considering a destination wedding (be it in a different country or maybe even just a different province)?

This is probably one of my favourite creative ideas for save the dates for a destination wedding. Print your “save the date” details of your wedding on a creatively designed piece of paper, easy for folding… Once printed, fold your paper into a “Jet” form, to symbolize an aircraft, which will instantly give off the idea of traveling to your wedding. It’ll probably be a good idea not to try this DIY style but have someone work out the technical details for you, that’s been in the stationery/ invites industry for a while. You can check out some of I Hear Wedding Bells’ wedding stationery suppliers for assistance.

If you’re looking at planning a destination wedding, you can view Your Wedding Bliss to assist with planning. Or view The Boyz , a travel agency to help you with the trip planning part.

paperplane save the dates

Scratch Card save the dates

Yep, that’s right, scratch cards! Who doesn’t love them? Scratch cards give your guests a fun way of trying to figure out your wedding date. Without them noticing you’ll already have enticed a guessing game for them. If you’re planning on trying this DIY, be warned that practice makes perfect, so if you’re running out of time, rather leave it to the pro’s…

scratch card save the dates

Fan wedding invite- guests can use to cool themselves on a sunny and warm wedding

Since summer weddings are quite in with South Africans, a save the date wedding fan can be a great idea for guests. Encourage them to bring it to the wedding and use them again as a method of keeping cool on hot wedding days.

You can use ordinary paper to print on, but be my guest on exploring other beautiful paper types that could work… For the handles you could use wood or plastic, however, biodegradable methods are encouraged. Get your wooden handles laser engraved with your initials to add that extra sprinkle of love.

fan save the dates

Magnet save the dates 

Although save the date magnets seem boring to some, it’s actually quite and effective save the date idea and if you get creative and make the magnet something really beautiful, you’ll find your magnet on your guests’ fridges for many years to follow, why? Because everyone needs a magnet for something!

Again you can go with the wooden laser cut or engraved magnet and just stick the magnet to the back of the cut out. Wooden magnets add character to rustic wedding themes or even outdoor wedding themes.

If you’re looking at keeping it simple, you can simply print vinyl magnets as save the dates. You can still be very creative with vinyl prints.It’s all about thinking out of the box if you’re looking at having something unique!

Magnet save the dates

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