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Yes, and this can be done in two ways depending on how much time has gone by since you cancelled your listing:

1. If your listing status is still “pending cancellation”, you will need to go to the “My Subscriptions” tab and click on your subscription number (in red). From there, you will find a “resubscribe” button alongside the Actions header, which you can press to follow instructions on how to re-instate your listing. (Please note that to resubscribe to your listing, you will need to purchase a new subscription package).


If I cancel my listing, am I able to re-instate later? 3


2. If your listing status has now expired (i.e. you’ve passed the end of the month you cancelled your subscription in), you will find a small “Relist” button that you can click under the “My listings” tab, below the name of your specific listing.

Your main account profile will always remain active, giving you the chance to create / re-instate listings whenever you wish.